marzo 24, 2020

PMO Global Alliance Community is kicking off the online Hackathon #PMOsHackingCovid19

Aquí lo dejo para la counidad de #PM y #PMO en #Mexico, y pra quienes me leen de otras partes del mundo.

Dear Ivan Rivera,

I hope this message finds you, your family and friends safe and well.

My contact today concerns the Covid-19 outbreak, a real catastrophe that has been causing countless deaths and will have a huge economic impact worldwide in the coming months.

Since you are a Member of our PMO Global Alliance Community, I would like to invite you to join us in a short but essential project, perhaps one of the most meaningful that we will have the opportunity to carry out for many years.

As you know, a large number of PMOs and their leaders are now facing the enormous challenge of making their work relevant and indispensable amid the uncertainties and difficulties that their organizations are certainly experiencing.

That's why for the past few days, the PMO Global Alliance Board of Directors has been virtually meeting, trying to find a way to make our community provide its contribution to the World at this sensitive time.

After discussing many ideas and seeking feedback from some of our most engaged members, we have finally found a way to make our global community contribute significantly to overcome these new challenges, using the collaborative work and the collective intelligence of our members.

PMO Global Alliance Community is kicking off the online Hackathon #PMOsHackingCovid19 on April 1st, 2020 to find creative solutions that can be immediately applied by PMO professionals who are facing the unprecedented challenges of the Covid-19 outbreak.

Our global community will work collaboratively for 200 continuous hours, co-creating solutions from the collective intelligence of our members and finding ways to make our PMOs increasingly valuable to our organizations and people at such a serious time for the World.

We’re encouraging all PMO Global Alliance members, organizations, partners, project management associations, entrepreneurs (and everyone!) to join us.

If you want to join us, please register at

We will be pleased if you can help spread this initiative across your connections.

Please take care of your health and protect your family and community. Together, I’m sure we will soon overcome these dark times.

Best Regards,

PMO Global Alliance

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