junio 07, 2011

The Power of an Internal Franchise

Few weeks ago I was invited to read the book "The Power of the Internal Franchise" by Martin O'Neill.

Let me share some notes about the book.

The book presents an interesting business model that can be used in the changing environment which today's businesses must face, understanding that having a great product or service is not enough, the success of organizations is determined by the way they can align, inspire and mobilize employees around its strategy.

The approach is really simple: The company should make explicit its business model and franchisee it to their employees. Then, employees are coordinated, directed and trained to operate the business with a high level of competition, as they have appropriate organizational culture.

Initially, in order to unlock the power of the domestic franchise, leaders must develop five entrepreneurial beliefs:
  • Belief in the leader
  • Believe in the purpose
  • Believe in the operational model
  • Believe in the empowerment
  • Believe in the reward

The author states that believe in the operational model is important because this is the integration of policies, procedures, processes and business structures. Similarly, belief in the empowerment means have the authority and ability to act, knowing that you have the support of the organization.

It is clear that the organization needs to strengthen its organizational culture, especially business values: the client, service flexibility and focus on the "big" goal. This organizational culture helps to build loyalty and motivation of existing employees and helps attract valuable new resources. Finally, it establishes the principles that govern the actions of employees.

The next step is to develop the business model: Object of the business, financial model, operating parameters and processes.

I will not summarize the book; I invite you to read it better. It is full of anecdotes that help better understand the concepts that the author hopes to teach. At the end of the reading is clear to me that with the support of its employees (applying the concepts suggested in the book); any organization can be consolidated as a major player in its niche market.

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